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ADRAN Computer is an independent company which has received award of the best entrepreneur in ICT industry and industrial software in national production – national glory festival celebration in 2011-12, and award of woman job creator in the national entrepreneur congress in TCT in 2012-13.

We are honored to work for more than 10 years across the country in ICT, with more than 800 installations in such banks as KESHAVARZI, TEJARAT, REFAH, SADERAT, SANAAT VA MADAN, SEPAH, MELLAT, MEHR, POST BANK, PARSIAN, MASKAN, GARDESHGARI, TOSE'E TA'AVON BANKS, Kar'Afarin, ... and 2000 installation in the Governmental offices such as Ministry of Information and Technology, Interior Ministry, Energy Ministry, Ministry of Road and Transportation, Ministry of Finance,  Ministry of Urban Development, Education Ministry, Ministry of Islamic Culture, Ministry of Industry and Mines, Keshavarzi Jihad, Justice, Universities, Fitness Clubs, Manufactories, Municipality, ... .  

Owning diversified models of indoor & outdoor kiosks (25 Models) and produce base on customer’s needs and supporting the customer is the other privileges of this company which attracts more customers.